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We have established Spark Global Philanthropy Canada (Spark) to promote and teach strategic philanthropic practices that empower youth to understand and navigate charity (registration #858558919 RR0001).
Spark assembles groups of highly motivated students ranging from elementary school to post-secondary universities, who share the common objective of enhancing society. It provides them with unique experiences and unimaginable access to some of the world’s top leaders and philanthropists: President Clinton, Michelle Obama, Amed Khan, David Foster, Princess Salimah Aga Khan, Petra Nemcova, Stuart Weitzman, Chip Wilson, Ross Beaty, Frank Giustra, Joe Segal, etc.
The Spark program is immensely beneficial to students pursuing higher education at renowned institutions worldwide. It is a significant commitment on their part to enhance both themselves and society. Spark students go beyond volunteering and engage in a lifelong dedication to philanthropy and creating change.
Spark’s philanthropy program has now been implemented as a full-credit course at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business. This marks the first course on philanthropy to be taught at UBC and a major step in Spark’s objective of implementing a curriculum of philanthropy in schools and institutions across Canada.

Past Programs


ETIQUETTE Learn how to eat with the Queen and take home a Certificate of Proficiency in Dining Etiquette to prove it! Inspired by the Etiquette School of New York, the Dining + Social Etiquette Session is a hands-on course delivered over a delicious 4-course dinner. Families will learn the ABC’s of dining etiquette and the…


The foundation invited 35 highly motivated students ranging from ages 14 to 23 who aspire to be future innovators and leaders in charities, social enterprises, philanthropic foundations, development offices, and in the government, financial institutions and businesses that interact with them. The qualities sought include academic achievement, creativity, demonstrated initiative and good interpersonal skills. Our…


PLF students had the unprecedented opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates this fall for a series of educational seminars in one of today’s centers for innovation and commerce. Students interacted with global philanthropists, organizations, and policy makers. Students and heard stories of their philanthropic journeys and experiences, while being immersed in the rich…


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